Volunteers are Needed for Meals on Wheels at RiverWoods

RiverWoods Meals on Wheels is in need of kindhearted, conscientious and caring volunteers to deliver meals in Milton, Lewisburg, Watsontown, and nearby communities.

Cindy Walker, the coordinator of the Meals on Wheels program at RiverWoods, says the heart and soul of Meals on Wheels is the dedicated volunteers, “They are the most wonderful group of people you would ever want to work with. They are just so willing to help.”

Currently there are eight meal delivery routes, and approximately 90 meals are delivered daily, Monday through Friday.

Cindy explained, “We are providing more than a meal. We are providing needed nutrition. For instance, we had a referral for meals from a concerned family member because their mother was eating oatmeal three times a day. Good nutrition is a preventative to poor health, so we are being proactive as we address poor nutrition with our meals.”

Other vital aspects of the program are socialization and safety. Cindy said, “Our volunteer might be the only person the meal client sees, and if they don’t come to the door as expected, we place a call to their emergency contact person.”

Patty Schmieder, who has been a Meals on Wheels volunteer for seven years said, “You get to chat with the customers. Many of them really look forward to the company and conversation.”

Meals are prepared at RiverWoods. They are ready for pickup at 10:45, and expected to be delivered between 11 and noon. To learn more about becoming one of our vital volunteers for Meals on Wheels, contact Cindy Walker by calling 570-522-1934 or email cynthia.walker@albrightcare.org.