RiverWoods Second Time Around: Featuring Darrin Snyder

Darrin Snyder grew up in Shamokin Dam and went to Selinsgrove High School. After high school, Darrin attended college and nursing school at Geisinger /Penn State in Danville and got his RN license.  Darrin worked years ago as an RN at RiverWoods.  He left for a brief time and is now back as Unit Manager at the Adams Center.

What made you decide to become a nurse?

Darrin- “I knew I wanted to do health care. I think I started out with radiology in mind initially. I have a lot of nurses in my family and they had an influence on my decision to go with nursing.”

Was nursing a popular choice for male students?

Darrin- “I was one of the few male nurses in our class. We had a class of 95 and there were five male students including me. Now there are a lot more men getting into the nursing profession.”

Where did you start your nursing career?

Darrin-“ My first job was at Geisinger. I worked in the cardiac unit. Then I worked in psychiatry for a while. I left Geisinger and worked at the Danville State Hospital.”

Darrin had a few other positions in long term care before coming to RiverWoods in 2014. He started working second shift as an RN wherever he was needed in the nursing care center. Darrin left RiverWoods in 2016 but stayed on part time as a PRN. The Adams Center was in the process of opening when Darrin left, but he was able to return in 2019 to oversee the rehab facility. He is now the unit manager for the Adams Center, overseeing the nursing department.

What do you like about your new job at RiverWoods?

Darrin- “I’m happy to be finally working in the Adams Center. I like working in rehab. I love working with the LPNs and CNA’s and enjoy meeting the residents. Usually every morning after I get a report, I try to walk around and visit with everyone, especially any new folks that have arrived. I try to get them acclimated and make sure they have everything they need.”

What do you do when you are not at work?

“When I’m not at work, music is a big interest for me. I have a lot of friends who are musicians and I go to a lot of concerts. I go see a lot of live music, whether it’s across the street at the town pub or if it’s at a major venue. I’m probably a frustrated musician. I played the piano and organ when I was a kid and that was because I wasn’t allowed to play the guitar or drums. I think because I wasn’t indulged on that level, I didn’t cultivate my musical interest or potential talents nearly as much as I probably should have. I am an appreciator of music as opposed to a participant. But I do play a mean air guitar. I am also a history buff and watch a lot of history programs. My father fought in Korea so I’m interested in the Korean War. I also have a 30 year old daughter who I enjoy spending time with when I can. She lives in Florida.”

Why did you return to RiverWoods after leaving?

“It is certainly a possibility that I could finish my career at RiverWoods. It felt good to come back to RiverWoods. We work hard and do our best, but we try to keep the mood light. We enjoy our time together and make as much fun out of it as we can. I think you get a lot of affirmation for what you do. I just enjoy taking care of people and they appreciate it so much.”