RiverWoods Second Time Around: Featuring Kelly Mangle

Kelly Mangle moved to Central Pennsylvania from New Jersey about 15 years ago. She went to Central Susquehanna LPN Center and received her LPN license. Kelly completed her clinical requirements at RiverWoods. She then worked at the Mifflinburg School District as a school nurse and part-time as an LPN at RiverWoods . After that, Kelly transitioned to day shift and worked full-time at RiverWoods. She was then offered the admissions position, which she did for a while before leaving RiverWoods to work as a nurse for an agency. Kelly returned to RiverWoods in 2018 and once again serves as admissions coordinator.

Why did you leave agency nursing to return to RiverWoods?

Kelly- “I’ve always said RiverWoods is home. It’s where I started. I’ve known everyone here for so long. Agency nursing worked beautifully for the time period when I was busy with my kid’s schedules and sporting events. I could pick and choose when I wanted to work. And then they kind of grew up a bit and I wanted to go back to a regular Monday through Friday position. It just so happened that the job opened back up at RiverWoods. We communicated and here we are!”

“From the time I left here, I never technically left. I stayed per diem, so I could pick up nursing shifts. I always stayed in everybody’s lives. We all knew each other. I have been to weddings of people that I work with. I watched people that I considered my kids have their own kids. It’s always been home here. And there has always been truly a sense of family here. I have always felt like here, we’ve had each other’s backs. I really feel that way.”

What do you do as an admissions coordinator?

Kelly- “Anyone that comes into the nursing care center comes through me, whether it be rehab, long-term care or memory care. I get referrals from the hospitals daily. I also work with insurance companies daily. I try to get as much coverage as I can for our patients. Anytime I want to pick up a nursing shift, I still can.”

When you aren’t working at RiverWoods, what do you enjoy doing?

Kelly- “I love spending time with my family. We are very outdoorsy and enjoy fishing, camping and boating. I live in Mifflinburg with my husband and two sons, ages 18 and 15. My older son is going to Bloomsburg University for Physical Therapy. My younger son will be a sophomore in high school. We visit New Jersey every other weekend, where our family is.”

What do you like most about working at RiverWoods?

Kelly- “I love the teamwork. There is a family approach to everything. Employees are always helping each other out. You really don’t get that other places. It might be because some of the employees here have the longevity, so they still have that teamwork approach.   I also love hanging out with the residents. I know most of them and just love spending time with them.”

“I like working with the residents and I like the fact that, there are some people where their families don’t come and visit too often and you are their family. Sometimes the only conversation they have all day is with us. I really enjoy talking with them. I love coming in here Christmas morning and watching them open presents from our staff. They appreciate it so much.”

What do you hope for the future?

Kelly- “Part of me would love to go back for my RN degree. I just want to continue in health care one way, shape or form. I will probably do a little of both administration and nursing. I like having both options available to me. It’s an enjoyable and rewarding career.”