RiverWoods Second Time Around: Featuring Kim Ranck

Kim Ranck grew up in New Berlin and graduated from Mifflinburg High School. She got her bachelor’s degree in social work at Shippensburg University and is going for her master’s degree. When Kim was in high school, she did a lot of volunteer work with the elderly and said she knew immediately that this was a population that she really wanted to work for.

Where did you start your career?

Kim- “I started at a nursing home in Watsontown. I got to develop the social work department there. I spent 14 years working there between the Watsontown and Milton facilities. After that, I moved to Warrior Run Manor, operated by Albright Care Services. I spent seven years there, before moving to RiverWoods. I started in independent living at RiverWoods before moving over the Adams Center as the lead social worker, where I am currently working with rehab patients. We see patients who have come from the hospital and are not quite ready to go home, so they come for rehabilitation and stay with us until it is safe for them to return home. I help them get organized and figure out what is their next step. Where do they have to go from here? Do they need to stay a little longer and get some rehab or can they quickly get back home? The next step is home health care, which I assist them in putting into place. I work closely with both the patient and the family. “

What is your favorite part of the job?

Kim- “The most favorite part of my job is getting to see them walk back out the door to go home. They may come in a wheelchair and then rehab works with them and they are able to walk out on their own. I love being part of a team. I’m a team player. I love that nursing, therapy and dietary are all working as a team for our patients. We are always back and forth in each other’s offices discussing our patients and what we can do to make their lives better.”

Why did you switch from Independent Living to the Nursing Care Center?

Kim- “I love being part of Lisa Bowersox’s team. She’s the Nursing Home Administrator. Lisa doesn’t sit in her office…she’s part of the interdisciplinary team, helping us care for patients. When the position that I now have opened up, I knew Lisa was overseeing the nursing care center, so it made that decision very simple for me.”

What are you doing when you are not at work?

Kim- “I am very actively involved in the lives of my two teenagers, ages 16 and 18. My daughter Sarah graduated from high school and will go to Bloomsburg University for nursing. I also enjoy walking with my husband Steve. We enjoy hiking and kayaking together too. We also love going to our son Ryan’s soccer games. I live near my parents in New Berlin, so we all enjoy spending time together. “

Why do you like working in the elder care industry?

“Sometimes I am all they have. There is no family, or their family isn’t close and able to visit regularly. Sometimes they count on me to be their person. I am their go-to person. I like the satisfaction that we both get…me and the patient I am working with. I love the fact that I get to make the last couple of years as great as I can for them. I do everything I can to make this an amazing experience for them…not just here, but when they leave. Albright Care Services really gets it right. The bottom line in this industry is that people just want to be loved, and they want to be needed, and they want to feel like they matter. Albright recognizes that, regardless of a person’s financial background, and treats all patients and residents equally and compassionately.”

How did you know social work was the right career for you?

“I believe God gives us gifts and if you can find a career in the gift that God gives you, you have really done well. There are lots of people out there that have a gift, but they haven’t found it yet or they haven’t been able to work in that environment yet. Every day I think, God, thank you, I’m working with the gift you gave me. This population is the gift I was chosen to help. And I get to work in it every day.”