RiverWoods Second Time Around: Featuring Carol Hugo

Carol Hugo grew up in New Jersey before moving to Sullivan County when she was 12. Carol graduated from Misericordia University with a bachelor’s degree in social work. While Carol was going to college, she worked in group homes. She also held positions at mental health and mental retardation facilities and served as the Director of Children and Youth in Sullivan County before deciding that long-term care was where she belonged. Carol moved to Williamsport and came to RiverWoods in 2017 as the lead social worker. She left after more than a year to pursue a career in Marketing, but quickly realized she missed being a social worker. She returned to RiverWoods in July of this year.

What was it like returning to RiverWoods Senior Living Community?

Carol- “Since I worked here before, I had a lot of relationships established. I knew the computer system and it was a really good team atmosphere. I also knew a lot of the residents. This is where my journey has led me…back to RiverWoods…and it feels like home.”

What is the role of a social worker at RiverWoods?

Carol- “I spend a lot of time with the residents and the families regarding their individual needs and making sure their needs are met, whether it’s physical, medical or emotional. I spend time evaluating residents cognitive functioning and their overall needs. I do a little bit of everything. The big part of it is I’m an advocate for the residents. I make sure they are getting what they need and make sure they are comfortable.”

She continued, “It’s such a big adjustment. A lot of these residents are leaving their home to come here and they give up so much. I just had to place my mom in a nursing home. It really gives me a different perspective because I am on the other end so I can really appreciate what the residents and families are experiencing. I totally get it because I’m going through the same things.”

Why do you like working at RiverWoods?

Carol- “I love the support I get at RiverWoods. You get a lot of support from co-workers. Everybody just kind of boosts you up. There have been a lot of changes since I left and came back. We have Lisa Bowersox overseeing the nursing care center now and just in the past few weeks that I’ve been back, I can see a big difference.”

When you aren’t at RiverWoods, what are you doing?

Carol- “I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my grandchildren. I have two children.   I have a son who is 32 and I have a daughter who is 26, and I actually live with my daughter and my grandson in Montgomery. I have four grandchildren all together. If I’m not at work, I’m either at the nursing home with my mom, or I go up to Sullivan County and spend the weekend with my Dad.”

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Carol- “I am actually hoping to stay here and retire here. This is my niche. This is where I belong. I’m a people person and I love helping people. And, even when I’m not at work, the social worker in me comes out. You know, I’m trying to help others and assist them in anything that they would need.”