Butterfly Garden Dedication at RiverWoods

A Butterfly Garden Dedication was held at RiverWoods Senior Living Community on Wednesday July 25, 2018 at RidgeCrest Restaurant. A group of volunteers from the Linn Conservancy came to RiverWoods in the fall of 2017 to plant the butterfly garden between the RidgeCrest apartment building and the Slifer House. The project was made possible by donations from the Linn Conservancy and RiverWoods resident Cindy Nickelsen.

Lennea Brown, executive director at RiverWoods, said she was approached by Nickelsen a year ago about having a butterfly garden for residents to enjoy on campus. Brown thought it was a great idea, “The garden is designed to provide a serene space that highlights the importance of native plants, their pollinators and herbivores in our ecosystem.” Nickelsen’s support of the project was in memory of her late husband Richard, a geologist and founding member of the Linn Conservancy.

Once she was given the approval by Brown, Nickelsen approached her friend, Warren Abrahamson, Linn Conservancy board member, who helped select plants and flowers that will attract butterflies to the garden.

Abrahamson spoke at the dedication, “We are very fortunate that Cindy came up with the stimulus for all of this. Dick Nickelsen was a dear friend of mine so it was really fun to do this for both Dick and Cindy. I’ve also enjoyed working with the RiverWoods staff.   They have just been fantastic.” He also appreciated help from Union County Conservation District manager Bill Dietrick, who donated a tractor to till the soil in the garden.

Another resident at RiverWoods, Bill Metzger, got involved in the project by having a sign made for the garden, along with a bench for seating and informational plaques for the plants. Metzger’s contribution was in memory of his late wife Carol.

The butterfly garden is for all to enjoy on the campus of RiverWoods. Abrahamson said a year from now they expect many butterflies to populate the garden.