New Executive Chef at RiverWoods Senior Living Community

RiverWoods Senior Living Community has a new Executive Chef! Tony Faulkiner is from Sullivan County. He left the Muncy Valley area after going to college for Hotel Restaurant Management and Culinary Arts at Penn College. Tony has worked in a variety of positions in Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Philadelphia, Williamsport and Lewisburg. He is the former Chef at Elizabeth’s Bistro in Lewisburg and has worked in  sales and consulting for food companies. Tony recently ran the Crestmont Inn in Eagles Mere, a fine- dining establishment and 15-room bed and breakfast. He also ran a group of hotels for Choice Hotels and launched a restaurant inside one of the hotels.

Tony is excited to now be working at RiverWoods. Tony explained, “I have been given total freedom to make changes to the menu at RidgeCrest.  I’ve been brought in to make the dining experience here more fun and exciting, give the residents plenty of variety, use more local and fresh ingredients and create more events around dining. We want to do theme nights, special event dinners and tasting dinners. I want to make the RidgeCrest restaurant a place that people outside of RiverWoods will be talking about, raving about and coming to.”

Tony said, “So far the residents have been very welcoming and excited to have me here. They are all asking for some changes, and that’s exciting for me. It’s good to know that they are embracing the fact that I am here. It already feels like I can make an impact on someone’s day, and for me morally and personally, that’s important to have that in a job. Some of the folks here may not have a lot to look forward to other than their meals, so if on a particular day, I can bring a little extra smile to their face through something I created, that’s going to be pretty neat.”

Tony lives in Lewisburg with his wife Melissa, who is a registered nurse, and their two children, 10-year-old Noah and 6-year-old Natalie. When he’s not working, Tony enjoys weight-lifting and running. He’s also actively involved in his church, which he says is extremely important to him. He also loves spending time with friends and family outside of work. Residents and staff at RiverWoods have been invited to a meet and greet with Tony on Friday at 1 p.m. in the RidgeCrest Restaurant. Please join us in welcoming Tony Faulkiner to RiverWoods!