New Personal Care Administrator at RiverWoods

RiverWoods Senior Living Community has a new Personal Care Administrator and Marketing Assistant in place. Tammy Speece, PCHA, started at RiverWoods September 6, 2018.

Speece is a familiar face at RiverWoods, having worked here for 21 years as an executive assistant. Speece is from Milton and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Leadership from Kennedy Western University. For the past 10 years, she served as Executive Director of Elmcroft Senior Living in Lewisburg, before returning to RiverWoods.

Speece said part of her never left RiverWoods. She said she wants to help families make the best choice when it comes to choosing a senior living community for someone they care about. “Sometimes we forget that the potential resident and their families are both struggling with making a tough decision to leave their home that they’ve lived in so long and they don’t know the questions to ask, except that they feel guilty. Educating them and assisting through the process of choosing a senior living community is what it’s all about. You know they’ve made the right decision when you see the expression of relief on their faces.”

Speece oversees Personal Care at RiverView Manor, which is often referred to as “assisted living”. Personal Care is for individuals who want to maintain their independence but may need assistance with their physical care.