Wood Shop Supporting Residents for 25 Years

The wood shop at RiverWoods Senior Living Community has now been open for 25 years and residents continue to enjoy the time they spend there. Dick Stover spent most of his life woodworking and you can often find him hard at work in the large wood shop on the campus of RiverWoods. Stover spends about 20 hours a week working on handcrafted woodshop items, including shelves, toys and ornaments.

He is joined by resident Roy Ashby, who also puts in several hours of work a week carving and sanding the handmade pieces that are sold in the gift shops at RiverWoods. Those items are sold to generate funds for the Auxiliary, which provides funds for programs and the purchase of equipment to enhance the lives of the residents, and also donates to the Benevolent Care Fund.

The wood shop opened in 1993 and has grown over the years, with new equipment added or old equipment replaced. Stover says, “I love staying busy. I spend about four hours a day at the wood shop. It’s my second home.” However, he hopes other residents who move to RiverWoods will be interested in carrying on the tradition of making handmade wooden items.

Over the 25 years it has been open, the wood shop has generated more than $70,000 through the sale of handmade items in the two gift shops on the RiverWoods campus. The wood used to make most of the items has come from donations, including scrap wood from Wood-Mode in Kreamer. The wood shop is one of the many unique amenities available for residents at RiverWoods.